Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Would You Raise Your Kids as Nudists? Platypus Poll Results

For the past several months we have been running a poll to ask how you would raise a family.

Today we reached exactly 400 votes. Because a mentor once told us that number was enough to approach confidence levels, we'll stop here.  Our results:

77.50% said "YES" (310 votes / 400)
  3.25% said "NO" (13 votes / 400)
  3.50% said "UNDECIDED" (14 votes / 400)
12.25% said "WE DID" (49 votes / 400)
  3.50% (14 votes / 400) said "OTHER" and wrote the following comments...

... Already am!
... Their choice.
....At home, yes.
... No children anticipated.
... Wish I had.
... Not successful.
... No kids.
... Too late now she's grown-up.
... Kids with unashamed bodies!
... Wish I was able.
... Wish I had.
... Clothing-optional let them decide.
... Wish I did.
... We tried.

So there you have it readers. Of the 400 votes cast, 89.75 percent said either that they would raise their kids nudist or were doing so.  When you add in those who expressed a wish that they had, it takes the number well past 90 percent who express support for the concept.

We will be discussing more about what these numbers tell us but, for now we can definitely say that those who read this blog and voted strongly embrace nudism in the family. We think it also shows that our reader / voters ARE comfortably nudists as opposed to those just stopping by and kicking the tires on something they were wondering about.

We've got to say we're pleased with the results...

And for the record? We raised four kids as nudists and have no regrets about doing so, although we may have handled a few aspects differently.

Look for a new poll soon.


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