Saturday, May 5, 2018

Recap on World Naked Gardening Day

THE PLATYPUS CELEBRATION of World Naked Gardening Day was an enjoyable one... if a bit "punctuated" by a few off-and-on rain showers throughout the afternoon.

To begin, the Platypus made the rounds of a few home and garden stores.  Bright annual flowers? Check.  Enhanced potting soil?  Check. Mulch to spread around the new flowers? Check. And a greeting to sales clerks for a happy naked gardening day.  Check.

Once home there were some repairs to be made to backyard "non-offense" screening. Last year there were some severe wind storms that knocked down the more permanent fencing of our yard and hundreds of neighbors.  So the barricades are more temporary this spring and the area to be tilled and planted much smaller too.

But there was an opportunity to put colorful fledgling plants into the ground in a completely naked state.  And that's what we did.




No neighbors offended.

A few scattered showers to provide refreshment to the new flowers and our bare skin.

The mulch is not down yet so tomorrow after church may be a time for World Naked Gardening Day Part II: the sequel.

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