Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Platypus Poll Results: You Spent the Holidays Naked

For the past couple of months, the Bare Platypus has been running a poll about how readers planned to spend Memorial Day and / or Independence Day holiday(s).  Specifically, we asked if there would be some “naked time” built into your plans and, if so, under what circumstances.  Keep in mind that voters could select more than one option if they chose, to account for multiple plans. Here are the results:

   9.38 % - Public event honoring holiday (e.g. a parade, memorial service, fireworks display, etc. (6 votes);
  14.06% - At a nudist club, nude beach, hiking nude trails, etc. (9 votes);
  12.50% - Non-nudist function at home / Non-nudist traveling  (8 votes);
  14.06% - Naked at home and alone (9 votes);
  42.19% - Naked at home with family/friends (e.g. bbq, picnic, skinny-dipping in own pool (27 votes);
    4.69% - Working at a job or on a home improvement project (3 votes);
    3.12% - Other (2 votes);
100.00% - Total Votes Cast: 64.

Now that these results have been cataloged in this post, we’ll make just a few observations…

First, this poll received substantially less participation than previous polls on the Platypus.  Usually, within a couple of months, a couple hundred or more votes would have been collected compared to the 64 here.  This means that we cannot, in any way, pronounce the poll as sustaining confidence levels (not that a self-selecting poll was ever all that scientific.  But at least we were dealing with more data then.)  We are not sure of the reasons for the “low turnout,” since overall visits to the website have remained constant and, if anything, climbed.  The reason could be that the poll just wasn’t as interesting as previous subjects (e.g. about whether readers would raise their children as nudists).  We also believe it could reflect the fact that more and more readers view this blog on a smart phone or tablet device.  When read in an “app” format (as opposed to within “browser” format), the poll does not necessarily appear on the device.  This may spell a limited future for polls.

Second, we’ll note---perhaps unsurprisingly---that being naked over the holiday was very important to our readers.  In fact, nearly 80% of all votes indicated that the voter would be spending time naked, wherever and with whomever.

Third, we saw that, be it ever so humble, there’s no place quite like home for getting naked.  56% of the votes cast indicated that this would be the venue for getting bare over the summer holidays this year.  With 14.06% planning to visit a nude beach or nudist club, that’s still a popular choice, of course.  However, it is greatly outnumbered by the 42% of those enjoying nudity at home with family and friends, and tied with the 14.06% who planned to be home naked and alone.

Finally, the “other” votes cast included comments reflected on the Poll Daddy hosting site, but not on our site.  Basically, the voter(s) noted that if their kids did not have a chance to go nude over the holiday (wherever it took place) that those kids would be very disappointed and there could be “trouble” with them.  Given the similarity of the comment(s), it is likely that the voter(s) put the same comment on a second time, not understanding that comments would only be reflected at Poll Daddy, not here.