Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Thoughts on Nudist Weddings

Last weekend Mr. and Mrs. Platypus and two of our puggles had occasion to attend the (clothed) wedding and reception of two very good friends who we both knew and who were joined in holy matrimony.  This was the first wedding that we had attended in a long while - perhaps the first in eight years or more.

The wedding was simply wonderful and we would not have changed a thing about it.  But it got the Bare Platypus thinking about the differences he has observed between clothed and nude nuptials. The Platypus has attended at least three weddings at nude resorts.  Of those, two consisted of completely naked guests and attendees. The other of those weddings was a clothed event, although there were opportunities to skinny dip following the wedding and reception. 

Remember, the following observations are drawing on fading memories.  But here goes…

Second Marriages.  To begin, we’ll note that all three of the weddings in nudist settings involved couples who were entering a second marriage, relatively later in life (i.e. the couple was 50 years of age or older) and had either lost their previous spouse to illness or divorce.  The Platypus was invited to one first marriage at a nudist club involving two thirty-somethings, but he could not attend due to a previous commitment. Generally, however, it seems that folks enjoying a new love in their golden years are willing to try things that are a little less traditional and more fun.  For folks in this age range, there may be less concern about what mom and dad think of such a wedding.  Mom and dad may have passed on.

Two Venues. Most of the “nudist” bride and grooms also planned to hold a wedding service in a clothed location such as church or city hall, which could be attended by non-nudist relatives or friends. Each time we learned that there were persons who simply would not go to a nudist wedding and were accommodated in this way.

Relaxing Atmosphere.  There’s no question that the nudist locations enabled all concerned to be a bit more relaxed…and definitely less formal than with tuxedoes and gowns. People seemed to smile more often and they laughed too.

Naturally Beautiful.  Something about flowers, music, the beach or sunning lawn, and people completely bare is the embodiment of life as it should be.  Wedding preachers often quote the first union between Adam and Eve.  A nude wedding provides a glimpse what that may have been like.

Attendance. The clothed weddings typically have many, many more family members attending the service than with nude nuptials, which involve more friends than relatives.

Clergy. Unsurprisingly, actual clergy who pastored churches tended to perform at the clothed weddings we have attended.  We do know of some licensed ministers who preside over nude weddings.  In other nude weddings, the person officiating was a notary.

Expense.  Nude weddings tend to be a less formal affair and the flowers may be hand-picked, the cake home made, and the costs kept lower.  The experience may still be priceless.

Photography.  This is one aspect where a clothed wedding probably fares better than a nude one.  We are not aware of persons at clothed weddings and receptions who shun the camera (even if some may be a little bashful).  At a nudist wedding, there WILL be guests who are adamant about not being photographed.  The nudist club itself may be unwilling to allow photos in certain areas as well.  Years later, it may be difficult to remember who was, and was not, at your nudist wedding because the pictures will tell only part of the story.

Renewing Vows.  Nudist settings are GREAT locations for ceremonies for married couples to renew vows. Why?  It’s romantic.  Couples can pull such ceremonies together relatively quickly.  And the message seems to be: “Whether in a church or naked as the day I was born, I’d marry you all over again.”