Friday, July 24, 2015

Prayers for Three Injured by Lightning Strike at Miami Nude Beach

The Platypus extends thoughts and prayers to three bathers who became victims to a lightning strike on the waters off a nude beach in Miami.  Although the name of the beach was not provided in the  lightning strike at nude beach article we read, we suspect the beach in question is Haulover park in the Sunny Isles area of the city.

When events such as this happen, one often thinks "on a different day, that could have been me or my family and friends." In this case it's true.  The Platypuses have visited this clothing optional beach several times (though we had to make an extended trip of many hours to get there).

We applaud any volunteers and "first responders" who delivered medical treatment and transport to the afflicted. Haulover has a team of dedicated beach ambassadors who may be readily identified by the color-coded straw pith helmets they wear.  While we don't have full details, it is likely that  their efforts helped. (The news story says that lifeguards tried to clear the beach with red flag warnings and air horns, but could not get all from the beach before the bolt(s) struck.)

Even now at least one of the bathers, who were each knocked unconscious, is in serious condition with injuries. We know that our readers join us in wishing all a quick and full recovery.