Monday, July 27, 2015

Naked Beats Stress

The Bare Platypus had a "fur bristling" day at the office.  Lots of deadlines and being put on-the-spot by folks whose job is to ask difficult questions. Of course, there are sources of stress all around us that go beyond the workplace: the commute to and from home, rushing to pick up children from daycare, the stress of maintaining a home, paying the bills, getting dinner made and served... you name it.

When the stress is mounting, there are several ways for dealing with it.  For the Platypus family, it's often with prayer.  And talking with those who love us such as our spouse and family.  Exercise works too.  But we have to say that removing all of our clothes is one of the best stress busters available also.  From the minute the clothes come off, real relaxation kicks in.  Often we can't beat the birthday suit for obtaining that great mood of peace that comes from feeling the cool air conditioning (or backyard breeze) on our full body.

Go on.  Get naked.  Get relaxed. Melt Stress. Enjoy life and smile at life more.