Friday, July 31, 2015

Reminder: Get Naked Lots Before Summer Ends

Today is July 31st.  Labor Day weekend is only about five weeks away.  So consider this your mid-summer wake up call.  You need to get outside and get naked while summer is still here!

It's easy to let days of potential bare time pass when it  seems that the warm weather will go on forever. One free day goes to that home improvement project you've been meaning to get done.  Another day goes to getting caught up at the office. There's that double-header baseball game on television.  And days when it rains.

Believe it or not, in some parts of the country, school started back up again on Wednesday of this week. That's right... on July 29th! (The Platypus didn't think it could be true until Ms. Platypus showed him a back-to-school on the bus picture posted of her own sister's kids.  We're not talking summer school either.)

Don't let you and your puggles miss out on getting your all over tans.

If you've been "procrastinating" on taking that three day weekend to a nudist club, or driving to the nude beach, why not start the trek today? It's Friday after all.  Or make it a point to go skinny dipping tomorrow in the family pool.  Hold a picnic in your fenced back yard.

As Joni Mitchell sang in the song Big Yellow Taxi, "you don't know what you've got till it's gone."  And what you have right now is  the perfect weather for enjoying au naturale.  Outside.  Gotta be outside if you can manage it.  Indoors is fine when the weather turns cooler. But right now you need to get some sun on your bum.  And plenty of breeze and fresh air.

Make hay while the sun shines?  Tan all over while the sun shines too!