Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nestle Uses Naked Baristas in Ad to Sell Coffee Creamer

There’s an old joke that the definition of the term “flying saucer” is, “what happens when a nudist spills their coffee.”

In current news that Platypus readers may appreciate more, The Nestle Company is planning to use naked baristas in an online advertisement to sell a new coffee creamer product called Coffee Mate Natural Bliss.  The advertisement features servers appearing only in body paint, with the question, “How would you react if your typical morning coffee was anything butt?”  The spelling of “butt” is intentional.  You can read about it in an article from Time magazine appearing this week: Naked Baristas Sell Coffee Creamer

If there’s one thing that the Bare Platypus can appreciate, it’s the enjoyment of relaxing naked with a good cup of java.  In fact, we have mentioned the subject just a bit in the previous blog post The Favorite Place In Your House to be Naked . 

The fact that there is tasteful nudity within the advertisement to sell Nestle’s product is a plus, albeit it is being presented for some “shock value.”  However, by mainstreaming nudity in natural, everyday ways, like serving or drinking coffee, more people may become comfortable with the human body.

We note, too, that a host of advertisers have used nudity to connote that something is natural, unadulterated, or wholesome.    (See platypus post on Richmond Ham , for example.)