Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bee Kind to the Hive: Go Naked

The TIME magazine website posted a story today entitled Bees Are Losing Their Habitat Because of Climate Change . The article notes that, while some species of bees don't have trouble migrating, there are others that do.  And many of their colonies are dying out due to changes in climate and their surrounding habitat.

We think nudists can help!

Now, for a moment you'll have to put aside the jokes that you may have heard about bees being unwelcome at nudist gatherings over the ouch! factor.  Getting serious, nudist homes and resorts are particularly well suited to increasing the food supply and habitats of North America's bee population.  Here's why:

- Beyond the parking lot and the driveway into nudist resorts, there is usually not that much vehicular traffic generating carbon monoxide or other agents that may be harmful to bee populations.  Certainly less than near an office building,  on the interstate, or at the neighborhood Walmart!

- Consistent with the above, there are many areas of natural plants and trees within those clubs and our backyards.  These are conducive to our honey-making friends.

- Nudists love naked gardening.  All those beautiful flowers we grow and care for produce nectar that is also so critical for bees.

- There is, perhaps, more room for "live and let live" given that there is much unspoiled land in many clubs. Nudists like such things too.  One very strong demographic within the nudist community includes those who are environmentally friendly.  Think Backpacker magazine and the many clubs in Oregon and Washington State which are among the longest-operating clubs on the continent.

- Many nudist clubs sponsor activities where members can learn more about plants, animals, and... yes... insects.  There are bird identification groups.  And natural photography groups (Cypress Cove Resort in Florida, for example, has a very successful group with regular meetings and regularly displays beautiful images taken of the flora and fauna).  These help increase appreciation for all living things, especially among the kids who will be our next generation of policy-makers.

Summarized, being naked and in our natural state brings us closer to nature.  It doesn't mean we necessarily go "overboard" about such things.  Just that we're good stewards of the Earth.  We can be good stewards of the hive as well.