Friday, June 26, 2015

Naked is The Simple Way to Cool Off

This week the Bare Platypus was assisting one of his puggles with working on her car.  It's that time of year and... you guessed it, the air conditioning unit needs a refrigerant charge.  Now, the good news is that there are instructional videos on You Tube for doing the job safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. There's also some good news in that the cost for a small canister of the refrigerant is not too bad.

The bad news is that you can buy those products, watch the video, charge the air system, but still not get to cool off in the easiest, most natural, way possible: By just going naked over the summer!

We have written posts about Motoring Naked - Tales from the Road .  We can tell you that, while it sounds like a lot of fun (and is) to "doff n drive," it's not without drawbacks.  For one thing, you'd get some interesting stares (and maybe a date with the police) if you drove up bare to the McDonald's drive thru at lunch hour.

Joking aside, Naked really is the best way to cool down during hot summers.  With a simple spray mister and a fan, your nude body will feel much cooler than you would with those uncomfortable clothes - no matter where you are be it camping, relaxing at home, even doing light housework.

Naked is good for the environment.  It's also cheap!  And naked is a lot more fun!

So go on... grab your friends.  Go for a skinny dip. Get bare.  You'll be chillin'.