Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Raise the Flag for Nudism

Have you considered how you could raise the flag?  No. We’re not talking about honoring Independence Day (but, by all means, please do honor the holiday.) We don’t mean the flag of the United States, or any country, or even a printed cloth representative of a nudist organization.

We mean, gets a conversation going about nudity.  Get someone thinking about nudism.  Get someone to take the first steps in doffing their clothes.  Raising the flag involves stepping out… if only a bit… to advance what Platypus readers enjoy.  There are hundreds of small ways to do this:
  • Put a bumper sticker on one of your cars (even the one that sits in the driveway) about enjoying life without tan lines;
  • Leave a nudist magazine or publication along with several others on your coffee table and see what discussions it prompts;
  • Hang one of those signs about “skinny dipping after 5 p.m.” or “skinny dipping is okay” near your backyard pool;
  • Send an article about the ten best nude beaches out in a Facebook post – along with the ten or twenty messages you send about a bunch of topics from your sports team’s success to a favorite recipe – so you don’t have to be too obvious;
  • Let your toddler streak the backyard when good friends or family come by and be nonchalant about it;
  • Serve that cold beer (or warm cup of coffee) to a visiting friend in a glass or mug with a clever slogan like “I’d rather be in my birthday suit” printed on it;
  • Hang a tasteful nude on the wall of your den or other place where close friends gather;
  • Give someone a birthday card that has nudists or cartoon bare butts.  You know the ones we mean!