Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Will Millennials Be Nudism's Next Big Hope?

By now you are no doubt familiar with the term "Millennials."  That's the label used to describe the generation born roughly between 1980 and 2000. It numbers approximately 92 million strong, making it a larger generation than its parents, "the baby boom"... which made such a significant impact in itself at approximately 77 million.

The millennials are younger than Generation X (a mere 61 million), to which Mr. and Mrs. Platypus belong.

When some people think (stereo typically) of Millennials, they often think of hipsters who can't take their attention off of their cell phones for long enough to hold a conversation or a job in one place for very long. But that mindset is not helpful or necessarily accurate. More importantly, it misses the great potential that this segment of our population has for being the next big hope for nudism.  There are several reasons they could be:

First, as has already been explained, this generation is huge - its numbers alone mean that if just a fraction of these 20-somethings opt for nakedness, the impact will also be huge.

Second, as a recent article entitled NOwnership, No Problem appearing in Forbes this week points out, this generation of consumers prefer EXPERIENCES (e.g. attending concerts, good meals with friends, or a trip) to acquiring THINGS.  In fact, 78% would opt for spending on an experience over buying something desirable. Owning a home, car, or even a designer handbag just doesn't mean as much to many of these folks. What better EXPERIENCE can you think of then skinny dipping, a trip to a nude beach, or holding a nude weekend with friends?

Third, believe it or not, Millennials are opting for dining and technology over clothing, fashion, and apparel for what may be the first time in recent history.  That's gotta hold some promise for nudism!

Fourth, when you consider that many many of these have taken a nude "selfie" picture or two, they have taken at least one step to "confronting" (and accepting) their own nakedness.  

For now, let's remain optimistic and do what we can to let all people know---from 8 months old to 80---about how great it feels to go naked---especially outdoors.