Thursday, September 10, 2015

Being Naked Top Reason to Live Alone Cited by Women 24 Blog

Today there is a great article by the website Women 24 noting that going naked is the number one perk of living alone .  The writer explains that, among the top reasons she moved out of her parents' home and got her own place was to free the inner nudist "hiding in clothes."  This was refreshing to read as it came from the perspective of a young, professional woman. She may well be among the Millennials Who Are A Hope for Nudism .

From time to time the Bare Platypus has written blog posts on such topics as Advice for Younger Nudists Still Living with Parents    and the Trend in Those Seeking Nudist Roomates .Going on your own is one surefire way to ensure you can enjoy your Recommended Daily Allowance of Naked Time .

The Bare Platypus website is especially interested in writing for those who could be described as "home nudists."  If you live in your birthday suit---even if you don't travel from home much---we appreciate you. Letting others within your close circle know about you and your family's preference for living free and unencumbered can help change mindsets for the better too.  That's why the Women 24 piece is so welcome.