Thursday, September 3, 2015

Is This the State of Naked on the Cape?

This morning the Bare Platypus came across a somewhat humorous, but also unfortunate, article in the online magazine Slate entitled, Beware This Labor Day Weekend of Naked 3 Yr Olds on the Beach by writer Rachel Lehmann-Haupt. In the piece this mom explains that she was asked to cover up her naked three year old son by beach resort management staff.

What captured our attention most, however, was WHERE this took place: In Truro Massachusetts, home to the long famed Cape Cod National Seashore, with an extensive history of nude bathing and naked beach life. (You can read our historical narrative elsewhere on The Platypus by clicking ).

Have things really come to this?  Such that (1) a three year old's naked bum on a beach is EVER deemed offensive AND; (2) that nudity offends the management and guests at the situs of one of the most famous nude towns and beaches in the U.S.?

What's next?  Complaints about three year old nakey butts at Cap D'Agde France????   Please.  Will someone stop the insanity?

Miss Lehmann-Haupt's article is a good first step.  Nudist organizations and nudist blog writers it's time to unite before any more naked ground is lost to these ridiculous mindsets.