Friday, September 25, 2015

Why Nudists MUST Be

Platypus Note: The Bare Platypus appreciates visitors to this blog who come from all walks of life, from all religious faiths, and those who profess no faith at all.  At the same time, the Platypus family has not been secretive about our own Christian faith, which is of the utmost importance to us.  This post is primarily directed to our Christian brothers and sisters, though all readers are invited.

This post has been long, long overdue on the Bare Platypus. However, we have been prompted to write it after recent developments at the church we have attended for the past two and a half years. Summarized, the church leadership informed Mrs. Platypus that they did not feel comfortable with her in the role of teaching Bible study.  The issue was not one of qualifications.  Mrs. Platypus has a minor in religious studies from a large, well-respected university and more than thirty years of experience as a Sunday School teacher, youth group director, church secretary, and student of scripture.  The issue was not one of doctrine either: she has orthodox beliefs about the authority of scripture, the divinity of Christ, and other key tenets of the faith.

No. In this case it was because some people had whispered to said leadership that Mr. and Mrs. Platypus and family are nudists and advocates for nudism. Please understand that Mrs. Platypus has never used her classes as a platform to promote nudism. Our family does not try to "recruit" among church members - we have never found that to be appropriate.  At the same time, it would not be difficult to learn about this aspect of our family's life with a bit of time spent online.  If asked about it, we're honest.  We have never felt a need to be ashamed about enjoying time naked outdoors, in our backyards and swimming pools, at clubs, and on appropriate beaches where it is allowed.

But what would people think?  And won't we tempt others to sin by what we're doing?  Could we be  promoting lustful thoughts in others? (Anyone who has seen our aging, sagging skins must surely know this would not be the case. But, oh well.)

So it has come time to state it for the record: There MUST be nudists in this world and they must be there for a DIVINE reason.  Specifically, there MUST be people who bare witness to God's most incredible of creations: the human body. Scripture teaches that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."  It teaches us in Genesis that after God finished creating man, in his naked state, mind you, He pronounced His creation "very good."  We were originally intended to live life naked. It is the most comfortable, refreshing, awesome state of being. Every toddler in their birthday suit who squeals with glee gets this. (Didn't Jesus speak of entering God's kingdom as a child??? Hmmm. Maybe there's something there.) Naked is how we were made by our Almighty Creator and how we were meant to be.

Whatever events have past and sins that have entered this world, there MUST be people to live naked and attest to how incredible it is. If only to preserve that critical remnant of God's glorious work among us.

Ask yourself, if a human artist with incredible skill such as Picasso, or Michelangelo, or Raphael (who all created nudes at one time or another by the way) painted or sculpted their ultimate masterpiece, would it be as special if it were confined to a dark closet as if it were viewed with admiration in the Louve?  Genuine nudists view the human body as a beautiful, awesome testimony to God's best work.  Making creations worth dying for.

Genuine nudists can do this without automatically resorting to lust-filled thoughts, even if some cannot. It is among our most important purposes in life: to give our Creator glory by admiring what He has done.

Don't denigrate this.

Don't codify anti-nudity laws in subheadings of statutes such as "obscenity."

See every body as beautiful in its own way.

Understand that a naked toddler's bare bottom is not automatically pornographic.

Breasts are, really, an incredible and healthy way to feed infants.

Nieman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Saville Row, and Tiffany's cannot improve on perfection nor hope to duplicate it.

There MUST be people around to say these things.  Patrons to appreciate the Artist's handiwork.

Nudists MUST Be.