Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Instagram Irony

The Bare Platypus is working to establish a place on additional social media outlets.  The latest two include Pinterest and Instagram .  As one would normally do, the Platypus has been reading and reviewing material on these sites rather than posting much just yet.

Last night during a review of Instagram, he could not help but notice a large number of pages devoted to celebrating "Hippies."  There were hippie-like arts and crafts, plus tributes to women who had the "beauty and spirit of a Mother Earth."  Don't know what prompted this.  The Hippie tributes were on the main sign in screen and they were not posted by anyone we knew or within our contacts list.  So it appears that Instagram itself was somehow assembling these as a sort of "trending now" topic or a topic of the company's own choosing.  And that's what we find so ironic.

At the same time that the company is willing to collect clicks, views, and subscriber interest with that topic, Instagram express policies prohibit most forms of nudity on the site (it is, after all, now a part of the Facebook family).  So the skinny dipping and sun-your-buns that happened so much at Woodstock or among riders on Ken Kesey's wacky painted school bus during the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test well... THAT?  That has to be sanitized from the historical narrative of the Hippie apparently.

And no. If you're asking... the Platypus is not a former member of that movement.  He and Mrs. Platypus are about 15 - 20 years too young to have been part of that scene.  It's just interesting that, once again, nudity is not fit for presentation of a culture even when nudity was part of the very essence of that culture.

But hey, if nakedness were allowed, the purveyors of it wouldn't be able to sell you something like jewelry or retro styled musical instruments, or vintage clothing.  So the policies all have a purpose, apparently.