Monday, August 31, 2015

Pan for Gold in the Nude

It's Monday and what better day to suggest an idea that's just a little bit off the wall than on a Monday?  So here goes:  Why not find a secluded spot on a stream or river near you in an area where there is---or used to be---"gold in them thar hills!"  Then strip to the buff (assuming that there's no one around for miles) and gather some of that silt from the stream and swish it around in a metal pie tin until something shiny sifts its way to the bottom.

True, if there never was gold, or if it has been mined completely out of an area you may not get any of the shiny stuff.  But hey, you'll still strike it rich.  Because you'll be outside naked enjoying nature. The Platypus actually once did some 'naked prospecting' and they were peaceful moments indeed.  It was in the Pacific Northwest where God grows the trees big, and tall.  The same could work for fishing, of course...just watch the hooks!

When you spend time in the buff in the great outdoors it can make you appreciate being alive just a bit more. You'll improve your tan until...dare we say it... it reaches a "golden" hue.  You can always just skinny dip in the stream anyway.