Sunday, August 16, 2015

Which State is Most Likely to be Naked at Home?

Some of you may have already heard about a survey taken by the Trulia company, which assists home buyers and renters, about the things people like to do in the privacy of their own homes.  You guessed it: the company included a question about whether those who were polled often went naked. They even celebrate the theme with a Youtube Video About a Clothing Optional Home and Deck .

According to a press release that you can read by clicking State Where Folks Are Most Likely to Go Naked at Home , New Jersey is the number one place (142% more likely) where people go nude in their abodes.  It's followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  That's interesting. It may not line up with where all the nudist clubs tend to be located (e.g California, Florida, Texas).  But that just goes to show that not all nudists are "club" nudists.  There's a huge number of those who prefer their birthday suits... but just enjoy them at home.

By the way... Special thanks to the folks at New Jersey 101.5 - Naked New Jersey's article, whose presence flagged this where the Bare Platypus could find the story.  If you click that link, you get to read some of the comments from people who answered the survey, including a woman whose dog knows that something is up (she's leaving) when she gets dressed.  The Platypus family has experienced the same with its pooches.