Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Advantage of Nudism: Showering Naturally

It’s raining fairly heavy outside right now.  That made Bare Platypus think of showers. And it got us to thinking about how great showers are when they’re enjoyed in a nudist park.  See, in many nudist venues, the showers are set outside… they may be facing and adjoining poolside or Jacuzzi.  Showers may be a kiosk out next to the volleyball nets.  Several nudist places that we have visited had a shower looking out on a forest, or a mountain range. 

In all of these places, it allows one to enjoy warm (or cool) water cascading over your naked body “al frescoe” in the great outdoors and close to nature (or at least the sound of water splashing about the pool.) Point is, when everyone is naked, no one has to worry about segregating showers by gender. Or shielding out others by installing those confining partitions that make you feel like you’re bathing in a broom closet.

True, there may be some nudist clubs that have a “classic” bath and shower arrangement with cubicles. But even these usually have open dressing areas where you don’t have to choose between holding your towel or your shampoo or your change of clothes (there are none!) Because the bench is too small or there’s only one towel hook outside your “stall.” (Platypus disfavors that word.  Stalls are for horses… not for Platypuses or people.)

Wouldn’t you really rather vacation some place where you can enjoy water on your body as it was meant to be, in the open air?  Where you could actually assist your kids with washing the beach from their sandy bottoms while standing next to them? And where you wouldn’t have to put on clothes after getting nice and clean?

We highly recommend installing an outdoor shower in your fenced backyard--if you have one--so that you can experience this ultimate luxury right at home. (We don’t have one, but the hose gets warm in the sun and we have a private spot to rinse off naked after mowing the lawn.)

Showers.  Just one more thing that makes being a nudist great!