Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just Say No to the Swimsuit

It's summer.  If the stores you visit have not yet turned to selling fall fashions, wander over to the swimsuit rack. Even at discount places like Kmart, Walmart, and Target you will not believe what they are charging for these pieces of fabric.  Men's trunks are one thing - at least there is some cloth and a liner there.

Women and girls get little more than a piece that uses fewer threads than a necktie. Add a splash of color and, voila', they're often asking $30.00 or more!

Okay, this topic may not be "new" but it bears repeating: You can save lots of money by avoiding the swimsuits and going bare in your pool.  You'll be much happier in your birthday suits. If that's really not an option, see if last year's suits will work for the occasion where you need it.  You'll feel better that you just said no.