Monday, August 10, 2015

Bare Platypus Tops 200 K Views

Last weekend the Bare Platypus blog crossed another milestone:  Thanks to the many of you who link to us, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and via Blogger, our page views surpassed 200,000.  This has happened in less than four years.

We realize that, for some of the more popular nudist websites and blogs, 200,000 visitors may be a mere "month's work."  But we are pleased with the growth of a site that began as a hobby and has led to meeting many, many great people. (Candidly, we must also admit that some of those visitors are "search bot" traffic from search engines and marketing-based "web crawlers and spiders.")  We ask you to join us in celebrating!

If you're interested, the number one blog post for which we have received visits is "We Raised 4 Kids as Nudists"  ... with over 22,000 views.