Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sneaking a Skinny Dip: Seven Percent of Hotel Guests Have Done It

This may be yesterday's news on some nudist blogs, but a Yahoo story says that Seven Percent of Hotel Guests Admit Secret Skinny Dips .  The article includes some other "naughty" activity among travelers such as trying to cut in line while boarding airplanes, or standing while the fasten seat belt sign is illuminated. Interesting read and accompanying info graphic.

The Platypus wonders, "Why force guests to sneak their naked swims?"  Why not just establish one clothing optional pool among the many offered on hotel property?  Better yet, consider making the whole place clothes free.  There may be a couple hundred nudist clubs on the continent, but we could always use more!

Just think, if you took seven percent of all travelers each year that would be a very significant number of tourists! And remember that's just the number who are clandestinely swimming bare. In fact, previous scientifically conducted polls have shown that about 18% of all travelers would like to incorporate some naked time into their vacations. (A few more of the guys, a few less for the gals, by the way).

Life's short! Let travelers play naked!