Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sleeping Naked - Four Major Benefits

Four Benefits of Sleeping Naked explains the reasons you should sleep in the buff.

Among those reasons: You'll sleep better, your partner will appreciate it, and your skin gets a chance to breathe and "air out."  Kudos to them for their clever use of some animations from movies of cartoon characters from Donald Duck to the Aristocats.

Elsewhere on the Platypus we have covered this topic from time to time.  For example, we carried a "beditorial" from one university student about Sleeping Naked is Best , that One in Three Brits Sleep Naked and the fact tthat Sleeping Naked is Normal

One new fact to report today: According to the article about Four Benefits, only 8 percent of folks admit to sleeping nude.  That's lower than we would have predicted, and much lower than the British figures... but again, we're talking about those who admit it. Hmmm.... Just yesterday it was nearly 8 percent who sneak skinny dips in hotel pools wasn't it?  You know who you are out there!  And some of you read the Platypus!