Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why Getting Naked is Big in Germany

There is a story out today on CNN about Why Getting Naked on Holiday is a Big Deal in Germany .  The piece is quite interesting and provides a litany of information about present-day habits among German naturists, plus the history in the country which helps explain why it is popular to bare there.  The story goes into some detail about the unity-in-nudity that occurred between East and West Germany prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Bare Platypus has offered prior entries on this blog in which we speculate why nudity is so popular there, ( see the September 23, 2013 post that Germans Love Nudity ) as well as the meaning of the letters FKK ( March 23, 2012 post).

It was, frankly, nice to read a positive, comprehensive treatment of naturism on a mainstream news site today.  One can only hope that folks who read this will give naked a try. The only unfortunate aspect of the piece is the author's observation that naturism may be on the wane a bit.  That echos our understanding of some current trends. See Our Birthday Suits Not Made In China (April 22, 2012 post) where we discuss the possibility that the U.S. is "exporting" prude notions abroad to Europe including Croatia.