Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Walter of the Week Goes to.... Mrs. Platypus

Those of  you who have followed the Bare Platypus blog for years know that it was once tradition to award a "Walter of the Week" award for the person who had most served the cause of nudity, nakedness, nudism, or just positive appreciation of the human body.  The "trophy" (picture) bearing a golden platypus at its top was named after Walter Bishop, a slightly eccentric professor character on the television series Fringe who celebrated naked Tuesdays by making pancakes sans clothes.

Over the years we awarded Walter Awards to movies, actors, brave nude patriots, you name it.  If you select months and years over in the right hand column, you can identify the recipients by simply selecting "Walter of the Week" stories... almost always named on a Tuesday.

We're bringing back the Walter award this particular Tuesday to honor a woman who had done so much for the cause of social nudism: Mrs. Platypus.

You see, tomorrow will mark the 26th wedding anniversary between the Platypuses.  Over those years Mrs. Platypus went from accepting nudity within the house when it was just with Mr. Platypus to visiting a nudist club---reluctantly at first, but with a willingness to try something that Mr. Platypus wanted to do.  From there it was raising a family of "puggles" whom the couple raised to be nudists. Along the way the family joined some nudist clubs and visited many more.

Mrs. Platypus defended social nudism within the media and introduced countless of her friends and their families to the joys of going bare for days out in the sun, or even a vacation.  She inspired the Bare Platypus to start this blog and continues to offer helpful insight as a member of the Platypus team.  She even designed many of the items available for sale in The Bare Platypus Souvenir Shop .

Mrs. Platypus is an amazing mother.  She is an amazing wife.  She is a model of Christian faith that knows no bounds and doesn't always "color within the lines" as expected.  Mrs. Platypus is beautiful, talented, and the reason Mr. Platypus feels so special and blessed.

This week, this Walter is for you, Mrs. Platypus.  You deserve at least 26 trophies... one for every special year you have given me.