Friday, May 29, 2015

It's the Weekend... Gonna Get Nakey !

Okay, okay, last weekend was the Memorial Day holiday.  But after just four days back at work we already feel like we need a weekend to recover from last weekend... what with landscaping, barbecues to prepare for and attend, as well as stopping to honor vets it's time for more R&R.

We plan to get bare for several hours this weekend in our own back yard!  Maybe we'll have that squirt gun fight we posted about yesterday.

And if it rains?  Here are some nudist related news stories from this week to keep you in the spirit while you relax indoors on the couch:

Mark Haskell Smith Bares All as Nudist 4 Naked at Lunch Book  - From the Los Angeles Times;

Latest Twist: Nakations  - From USA Today (actually ran 5/20/15 just over one week ago);

Naked is not Nude (in Germany) - From the Huffington Post today;

Authorities Forced to Release Rules to Naked Tourists - The Daily Mail (5/28/15 - about tourists snapping nude pix at historic landmarks);

Why I Love Being Naked - From Cosmopolitan .