Thursday, May 14, 2015

Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort Gets Good Press

This morning the Bare Platypus fired up the computer and checked news sources.  Among the nudist articles he saw was a Story About Berkshire Vista Resort in Hancock Mass .  We're glad it was a good story too: Owners Dan and Ginny Bookstein are good folks.  They are not nudists.  But when they bought the property they listened to the naked people who called this club home and were persuaded to keep it nude.  The Booksteins support national nudist associations with members and with stays at the place as prizes for fund raising contests.  They provide an ever-improving club.  And the residents make the place extra special.

The Platypus knows all this because he and his family have visited the club on several occasions and always found it friendly and a great place to go nude.... even in winter.  The core structure of the main lodging house is a farmhouse dating back a couple hundred years or so in old New England.  The club is right next to some great skiing slopes.  Take a short drive and you're in Stockbridge, inspiration for the legendary "Alice's restaurant" of Arlo Guthrie's song.  It's also home to the Norman Rockwell museum.  Tanglewood music center is nearby too.

We wish these folks all the best.  Congrats to them!

By the way, the writers of the article actually went nude during their visit.  Another new pair of converts to our cause???