Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dreaming BIG

The Bare Platypus tends to do this every time that the PowerBall jackpot gets up there and he fishes into his wallet with his webbed feet to purchase a ticket: Dream BIG.

And whenever he dreams about winning a big lotto jackpot, it usually involves how he would enjoy simply being naked more often in different places, different ways.  Sometimes he dreams of visiting the nude beaches and resorts of France and Germany.  Sometimes owning his own nudist place...

Today it's about what the Platypus would get in a house.  Not marble or silver candlesticks, mind you. But windows... lots and lots of windows to let in natural light.  Set back on a parcel far enough that anyone encountering nudity would have to come onto the private property (and ignore the advisory signs) to get there.

One feature not seen before in a house that he would also consider: Putting a closet between the garage and main part of the house.  Why? So that he could get bare upon parking the car, and get clothed only when about to leave the premises. Of course, some natural rock waterfall and lots of plants would be part of the picture too.

How about you?  What's your dream?