Thursday, August 29, 2013

Take Our Labor Day Weekend Challenge!

Labor Day Weekend is almost here.

It's that time when summer ends, many nudist clubs in the North start to close (or at least wind down activities) and much of the naked world puts on its clothes.  But it's also a GREAT three days off from work for many of us and a GREAT time to catch some last-minute rays in our birthday suits.  To that aim, we'd like to invite you to take the Bare Platypus Labor Day Weekend Challenge:

Wherever you are, whatever your schedule, see if you can spend at least twelve (12) continuous hours naked.  Uh huh.  Naked. Nude. Totally in your birthday suit.  Bare bum.  Twelve hours without putting any clothes on.

On one hand, this may be very simple to do if you're spending the weekend at a nudist club or never   leaving home. It's also easier if you consider that you can sleep nakey for probably eight of those hours ( See Sleep in the Buff Bare Platypus article here)  (and Read Why Sleeping Naked is Normal in this Platypus Post ).  But you'll have to time other aspects.  Read your morning paper online (you probably already do) so that you don't have to walk naked to the curb to get it---or flunk the challenge with a bathrobe.  Warn your mom you'll be sipping coffee starkers in the kitchen.

The back yard barbeque could get tricky too.  But please don't hurt yourself trying to meet a fun challenge either.  That's the point.  Have fun. Play naked as much as you can.

Happy Labor Day.