Saturday, August 24, 2013

Top 10 World Naked Hotels Story Runs in China

Stories about the "Top 10" naked hotels or destinations are nothing new, of course.  Several appear every summer it seems.  We think it's interesting that one rarely sees the exact same entries among the top 10's, demonstrating that "best" is often a matter of opinion and where one lives.

What makes the following link a bit more interesting, however, is who carried the story.  Top 10 Naked Hotels as Reported in China tells Asian travelers (in an online periodical that is provided in English too) about the best places to lodge bare.  When the Asian market fully discovers the joys of nudism, nudism will become a lot MORE significant.

This is not the first story about nude travel to reach China, of course.  TIME magazine for Asia did a piece many years ago about it.  But that story was mainly about what people in the US and elsewhere themselves did.  The linked story has much more of a, "if you plan to visit one, here's where the best are" feel to it.  (We recognize that the source of the information itself was from a German travel company, but, hey the writers had to get information from some source, right?  And who better to evaluate nude information from the FKK practicing Germans?)

We have read about a very few clothing free destinations in China but there weren't many discussed publicly when we last researched the matter.  Perhaps that's going to change.

By the way, Orient Beach made this list.  It is one destination that often appears, notwithstanding what we wrote in paragraph 1.