Sunday, August 25, 2013

Heidi Klum Gets in Buff, Talks Buff

The Bare Platypus does not post photos on its site so you will have to click this link to view the Heidi Klum Birthday Suit Photo . It is a very tasteful depiction that was photographed a couple of years ago.

No doubt Ms. Klum is a model. But what is especially appealing about her to the Platypus team is how genuine and matter-of-fact she is about the human body,  In other links that may be accessed from the story, she discloses that another image recently posted of her topless on Instagram was taken by none other than... her own mother.  She has also discussed  being topless on the beach.  She's a confident mother of four.

We seem to remember her once defending the tasteful nude images of herself and her husband that were posted in some parts of their home.

Who a person is on the inside is important.  This woman seems to have heart when so few celebrities do.