Friday, August 23, 2013

Women Happiest with Naked Selves at Age 34

There's a story all over the news the past couple of days.  In it, representatives for a spa business .based in the United Kingdom surveyed over 1200 women and found that they were most pleased with what they saw, naked, in the mirror when they were about 34 years old.  Read one story reporting 34 years preferred for seeing selves naked by clicking the link.

It seems that before that age, as in adolescence, women have too many insecurities.  And that after that time the aging process gives ladies pause.  (About 40 percent of respondents said they looked at their naked bodies in the mirror about every day.  16 percent reported that they had never looked at their naked selves in a mirror.)

At the Platypus we believe that every person is a beautiful person and should see themselves that way.  Male or female, 6 to 60.  If more people gave nudity a try, maybe they would change their view.