Monday, August 26, 2013

Wearing Clothes to the Clothes-Optional Beach?

There's an interesting article and poll on the website asking are you creepy if you wear clothes to clothing-optional Sandy Hook?   Located on the Gateway National Seashore, Sandy Hook is one of the great beaches in America to take it off, sun your bum, and get that wonderful all-over tan.

A member of our Bare Platypus team only went to Sandy Hook once and, he must confess, he went completely naked for as long as he could that day... All day. (He worked a table gathering signatures on a petition in support of another nude beach in the state.)

Sandy Hook on a beautiful day is too beautiful not to do nude in his opinion.  Although strong winds blowing off the water make it helpful to have a wind / sand screen to avoid being "sand blasted" when those winds pick up.

Go clothed on Sandy Hook?  Couldn't imagine doing it. But we'll let you judge for yourself.

Here's the original article on about Sandy Hook: Story About Nude on Sandy Hook .