Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mom's Day... Now Forget What She Told You

Reposted from a previous entry...

IT’S MOTHER’S day and the Platypus would be remiss if we didn’t say “thanks” to all our moms. You brought us into this world, fed us, changed our nappies, got us ready for school, drove us to soccer, band, and ballet.  You helped us with so many things and gave us so much of yourselves that you deserve to be celebrated today. 

Now for the hard part: Moms are great but in some cases we’ve got to forget what they may have told us.  Among those things? “Put your clothes on!” “Keep your clothes on!”

Moms, would it have hurt to let your kid(s) streak around the house?  When you visited others with a pool on those hot summer days, would it have been so bad to allow some skinny-dipping instead of saying, “Oh… we should have remembered your swimsuit.  We’ll have to remember that next time so you can swim with the other kids…”  The same goes for romping through the sprinkler in our birthday suits or sleeping in the buff when we were too tired to be struggling with pajamas after a long day.

Many of us actually have to get past the maternal instruction we received for years that good kids wore clothes and never looked at other people who weren’t wearing them in the National Geographic.

If your mother was more open-minded and embraced the human body, GOOD for her. She gets extra kudos today.  If you’re raising your own kids (or did raise them) to enjoy their birthday suits you get extra thanks and kudos too. Who better to wish all this for you than an egg-laying mammal with lots of puggles of its own?