Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Tale of Two Swimsuits

This week the cartoon series Baby Blues is based upon events that occur once mom enrolls her tykes, son Hammie and daughter Zoe, in swimming lessons.  Within several strips mom worries that she doesn't look young and attractive in swimwear any more.  The panel on April 30th, which you can view for a while by clicking the link above, has Zoe complaining that she has committed the ultimate faux pas by showing up in the same swimsuit style as her instructor.

Contrast that with the cover page picture and title of an anthology / collection of cartoons from the same series: Butt Naked Baby Blues .  In "butt naked" the kids have ditched their swimsuits to do some bare bum skinny dipping in the family wading pool.  It's only a cover page, so we don't know the emotions... we just get a show of tot solidarity, perhaps, in their mooning of the audience. 

Yet there's no hint of worry about what everyone else is wearing when everyone is wearing nothing.  And mom wouldn't have to fret about body image within a nudist setting either.

Now, isn't the naked side of life a better way to beat the "Blues?"