Tuesday, May 7, 2013

05/05/13 Walter of the Week: Our Readers

The Walter Award for this week goes to those who read this blog.  In just over one year's time, you've helped us reach over 75,000 page views... a milestone that occurred yesterday!  That may not seem like a lot in a world where there are probably 75k tweets on Twitter every second, but it means a lot to us.

You come to read content, because we don't offer any nude pictures.  (We respect that there are sites that do... we appreciate the human body. But from the beginning we made the decision to refrain for a variety of reasons.)

You comment on the posts that speak to you and you give us things to think about. 

You vote in polls... although the current one that we're running doesn't seem to be functioning quite correctly. 

You come from many, many, nations. 

You surprise us with the posts you find most popular.

Above all, you share our happiness with being able to take off your clothes when you get home or go on vacation.  You are the reason for the Bare Platypus.  This Walter's for you!