Friday, January 5, 2018

The Platypus Philosophy on Twitter Followers

When the Bare Platypus team began this blog more than five years ago, Twitter was not on our radar screen.  Indeed, it took several years before Platypus tweets and retweets started appearing. As more and more activity takes place on the Twitter forum, we figured the beginning of a New Year would be as good a time as any to explain and clarify our approach to maintaining a Twitter following.

First, we'll note with some regret that there are more than one Twitter users who claim to be "nudists,"  yet make it fairly clear, fairly on in their posts and images that they are seeking a much more risque' audience and conversation.  (We're putting this mildly for the benefit of sensitive folk who may be reading).  If we had a dollar for every Twitter account that began with the disclaimer that "nudism is not about (you know what)" and then went on to present (you know what) in very graphic detail and images... well, we'd have enough dollars that we could arrange to have our Platypus fur dry cleaned, that's for sure.

The approach of many legitimate Twitter nudists is to announce, up front, that any followers with such graphic material will be blocked. While we understand the concerns associated with blurring the lines between nudism and "something else" we're not exactly sure what the term being "blocked" entails.

If, on the one hand, blocking a non-nudist tweeter who doesn't get nudism means that legitimate nudists don't want to (return) follow those accounts, we understand and observe that principle ourselves.  To the best of our ability we do not sign up to receive objectionable tweets and periodically review postings to cull those who post objectionable risque material from our "who we follow" list.  It would not be our practice, of course, to retweet or like objectionable material either.

On the other hand, The Platypus does not usually try to block Twitter accounts from following us.  It's not about trying to inflate lists and's from a genuine hope that some folks, at some time, may receive, review, and actually learn something about the difference between exploiting the human body and articles or images legitimately celebrating these creations in a way that respects persons from all walks of life, gray hair, wrinkles and all.

You get the idea.

Occasionally the Platypus Team blocks a follower who consistently demonstrates particularly disturbing trends (such as advocating violence, abuse of persons, etc.) but we try to show more latitude for followers as opposed to those we select to follow for the above-stated reasons.

If you happen to review the list of those who we "allow" to follow Bare Platypus and find some of them objectionable, please understand that allowing people to read legitimate messages about nudism does not mean that we "endorse" those who choose to read what we print.

A bit complicated to explain, but we appreciate your patience.  And your alternative views in the comments to this blog.