Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy Nude Year in 2018 - We Really Mean It!

If you follow nudist blogs or Twitter accounts you know it's fairly common for us to use the pun "Happy Nude Year!"  We say, or type, it enough each January 1st that it tends to lose some of the meaning over time.  But we really mean it... We hope you will make a New Year Resolution to spend more time naked over the next 365 days.

Start by climbing in between the sheets with nothing on to sleep.  If it's cold where you live (where is it NOT cold right now????) just add an extra blanket or two.  Keep a bath robe handy if you need to get up during the night.

Weatherproof one room in your home with extra insulation and turn the heat up so you can enjoy it au naturale.  Plan to take a vacation week in a warm climate and visit a nudist park for at least one day while on winter holiday. 

When it gets warmer be among the first of families to visit a nudist club Memorial Day weekend.  Be sure to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day naked.

You get the idea.

Have a happy NUDE year!