Sunday, July 7, 2013

Did you get nude this weekend?

Go on.  You can tell us!  It was the Independence Day holiday and, for many of us, that meant at least a three day weekend.  Did you get to spend any of it bare?

The Platypus had some opportunity.  Unfortunately, he was called into work a few times to deal with some emergency situations.  Then the weather didn't want to cooperate... it rained lots and lots so going to a nude beach or club was out as an option.  (There were hours of sunny weather, but it was impossible to predict when it would stay.)

Scattered showers and work didn't mean no naked time, however.  The Platypus family simply spent our time indoors.  In our birthday suits.  Playing a video game or two.  Fixing a snack.  Watching a movie.

And there's still Sunday to be enjoyed...