Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Collection of Current News About Nakedness

We're not saying that these are all within the umbrella of "nudism," but they may make for interesting reading.  The Platypus isn't saying that all of the following create more respect for the human body (in a few cases they objectify the body).  But the more we become comfortable with the human body, however it is presented, perhaps we move closer to the day when it won't be so much of a big thing and we can just get along with going naked to the beach or backyard:

British singer Andy Brown has vowed to run naked through London if his song reaches #1 on the charts this week. 

Meanwhile, two female students from the University of Edinburgh have produced a Nude Cookbook that is said to depict them nude along with some of their friends and favorite recipes

Elsewhere in the UK, people continue to debate whether the Naked Rambler a/k/a Steven Gough should continue to face imprisonment simply because he insists on being naked everywhere he "Goughs."

A once-banned body artist is back to painting women as live canvasses in New York's Times Square after police lifted a moratorium on his work.  Andy Golub now paints nudes in broad daylight.

Naked Woman in Swimming Pool distracts man while his house is robbed - Guess that title speaks for itself.

Model Anca Tiribeja has posed nude for Elle magazine covers on at least some versions of the publication.  She is completely bare except for fashion accessories which are supposed to get the spotlight.

 Model Karlie Kloss has stripped naked for Vogue  .. that is, the US version of the magazine.

Fiat made a car picture using only painted naked models - fascinating body art.  The concept reminds us of Salvador Dali's "skull of nudes" we remember from art history class.

There's much ado about a banned advertisement for the next season of Project Runway .  In the advertisement Heidi Klum is dressed as a queen, but all her subjects are without clothes.  Admittedly, the ad doesn't involve mere nudity... It's a bit racy in the depiction of those subjects.