Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrate Independence From Clothes on July 4th

Reposted from a previous Bare Platypus entry last year:
THE MOST famous of summer holidays is nearly upon us.  Plan now to celebrate Independence Day by declaring independence from your clothes!  Remember too that the annual celebration of Nude Recreation Week closely follows the July 4th holiday weekend.  Many nudist clubs offer special events and pricing to get first time visitors to give nudism a try.

You can make Jello cups in red, clear, and blue layers, then enjoy them naked outside or inside.  No clothes to clean up!

You can buy some fireworks and/or sparklers if they’re legal in your state, then appoint a designated (clothed) person in your group to light them off while the naked observers admire from a safe distance.

You can enjoy a picnic in the buff---whether in your yard or living room.

You can also celebrate that some of America’s best patriots and leaders enjoyed skinny dipping.  John Quincy Adams took daily dips in the Potomac.  Benjamin Franklin spent at least an hour each day completely naked in his room after waking.  Lyndon Johnson skinny dipped to exercise and ease his mind as the Vietnam War waged.

Similarly, nudity has played a significant role on the stage of American history from time to time.  There was even a Civil War skirmish fought between soldiers who got caught with their pants down when the enemy showed up unexpected!  See