Saturday, March 16, 2013


It's Saturday morning, and what better post could we make than talking about the most appropriate words to use to describe our unclothed form? 

NUDE - Many within  our "community" choose this word.  It is, after all, the root of the word nudist.  They also believe, and we understand, that the word carries the connotation of having some class, as well as conveying that our state is non-sexual.  Think nude statuary, or nude fine art prints and you get the idea. NUDE also does not seem to imply the degree of vulnerability that some other words do. Despite all these advantages, the Platypuses can't say we reach for this word from the shelf all that often.

NAKED - This word has many advantages.  First, it's descriptive.  If you  say you went swimming naked, everyone else knows what you're talking about.  Second, we note that the word is used in the Bible to describe how Adam and Eve walked around in that garden: NAKED and not ashamed. Naked in that passage from Genesis doesn't imply that there was anything lacking or especially vulnerable about the couple, but phrases like "cold, helpless, and naked" or "I feel naked without my cell phone" have come to change how some view the word.  We like it and it still commands attention when spoken.

NEKKID - As a great comedian often said, NAKED is when you have no clothes on. NEKKID is when you have no clothes on and you're up to something.

BARE - It's one of our favorite words.  In fact, it's part of our name BARE PLATYPUS. Therein lies something about the word... it seems to go best when paired with another word, e.g. BARE bottom, BARE bum, BARE naked, etc.  Of course, you can use it in the oft cited "BARE with us" slogan.  Put the word with a graphic of a cartoon butt and you have a winning combination.

NAKEY or NAKIE - are ways little kids sometimes refer to romping around with nothing on.   As such, it adds a touch of fun, impishness, and innocence to the whole thing. The Rugrats once used the word dozens of times in a single episode.

UNCLOTHED or UNDRESSED-  Very matter-of-fact, generic words to describe nudity.  The only problem we have with them is that they seem to imply that clothing or being dressed is the default state... maybe even that things should be clothed or dressed soon to rectify the deficiency.  What would you do about unwashed dishes or unfinished business?

AU NATURALE - This is probably the most polite way of saying "naked" but it may be too polite.  Some people don't know what you mean when you say or write it.  It turns into a euphemism of sorts.  Still, when writing a long article and you don't want to type nude for the 100th time, it's an alternative.  It also implies, of course, being natural about one's nudity.

IN THE ALTOGETHER - This phrase takes nudity even one more step removed from raw words such as NAKED.  It's even less understood if you don't wish to unsettle the children dear.  So it can get lost in conversation along with words like gymnosophist or Abyssinian or other foreign phrases like "tout nu" and "cul nu."

How about it Platypus readers?  What's your favorite word to describe our favorite way to be?  Why?  Do you have any other term(s) you use?  Tell us about it in the comments below.