Saturday, March 9, 2013

Celebrating the Anniversary of Bare Platypus

Exactly one year ago, we hatched the Bare Platypus.  Since that time, we have written blog posts on a variety of topics. 

We averaged one post every three days (actually a little bit better than that);

We introduced a feature called Walter of the Week, an award which we bestowed on recipients each Tuesday in honor of Walter Bishop of the series Fringe.  It recognized persons who did something to advance the "cause" of nudity;

We ran a few polls, notably asking where people most like to get bare and asking, "When did you become a nudist?"

We have picked up 37 regular followers to the blog;

We have welcomed visitors from many, many nations;

We shared personal anecdotes;

We treated readers to Platypus cartoons of our mascots;

We rendered some advice;

We got some advice from our readers in return;

We've had over 63,000 visits;

We look forward to much more in the future.